Digital Transformation of Healthcare:
Using Notitia and Qlik Sense SaaS



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Gippsland Health Alliance (GHA), a publicly-funded shared service, needed to expand their data service to their 17 regional client health sites and hospitals


Switching from an on-premise data-centre to cloud


Using the services and support of Notitia, GHA were able to quickly and securely execute the migration

Gippsland Health Alliance (GHA), comprising a membership of regional health services across Victoria’s Gippsland Region, switched from an on-premise datacentre to cloud in February, 2023. 

With the help of data strategy and analytics firm, Notitia, and the GHA team, the project took only a month to complete and expanded GHA’s data service to their regional client health sites.

Asher Brooks, GHA Lead Reporting and Business Intelligence Developer, said that GHA’s goal was to expand Qlik’s capabilities for all client health sites in the most cost-effective way.

“There was a fair bit of work involved: migrating 500 existing apps, creating dashboards, adding data into the cloud, ensuring that the right security parameters were in place, and testing the functionality, before our health services were seamlessly moved over to the cloud,” he said.

“We wanted the project executed quickly and effectively, which is why we engaged Notitia to provide us with the extra resources we needed during the project phase.”

Six months after implementing the Qlik Sense SaaS solution, GHA and their members have seen a positive impact on patient care in Victoria’s Gippsland Region.

“GHA provides a secured and shared data analytics platform for 17 regional health services, including Latrobe Regional Health,” Mr Brooks said.

“We believe that sharing best practices, resources and collaboration is the key to boosting the efficiency of the health sector.

“The journey that GHA has been on over the past few years, has been about establishing ways for our health services to collaborate with data and reporting in a safe, secure, and governed manner - because this can become easily siloed, which works against what we aim to achieve.”

Solution Overview

Qlik - Improving Regional Victoria’s Continuum of Healthcare

Qlik’s cloud solution has been pivotal in the digital transformation of healthcare across Gippsland. GHA’s members, now have access to shared and localised data, while maintaining strict privacy and governance. Mr Brooks said that rolling out Qlik Sense SaaS across its members has improved the continuum of healthcare in the region over the past six months.“Each health service with specific job roles, can now access secured data that relates directly to the patient’s continuum of care,” Mr Brooks said.


Data + healthcare: Front line impact on patients

GHA assists two types of members - larger hospitals, who employ analysts on site, and smaller health services which rely solely on GHA’s data support services, Mr Brooks says.

“The larger hospitals in our region benefit from having access to our secured data so that they can build their own reports using their data analysts,” he says.

“In these cases, our role is to ensure that they have secure access to quality data on time and in a way that is easily accessible - this is our main priority.”

“GHA’s focus is providing the regional health sector with access to the same information and trustworthy data - no matter how big or small their service is”, Mr Brooks says.

“We help smaller health services that don’t have their own resources by filling the role of ‘data analyst’ for them - we create end user reports and deploy them for their use,” he says.

“For these customers, it's not just about gathering data and making it available, we actually compile the reports and build the dashboards and present it in a way that the data can be easily consumed and communicated within their organisation.”

“The benefits are delivered to every level of the organisation, resulting in a positive impact on the optimisation of patient experience”, Mr Brooks said.

“As a patient I could visit Latrobe Health in an emergency, but I could also go to another hospital in my region for separate episodic care - each hospital has provided me with an outcome for my visit,” he says.

“We’ve managed to replicate that patient journey in our Qlik analytics environment.“It means that some of our health services will have access to data which patients have consented to be shared, such as test results and diagnoses, but there's also a separation between sensitive information such as the visit data and the patient’s health record.”

Leveraging data: The healthcare continuum

“This level of visibility has improved the continuum of healthcare in the Gippsland region”, Mr Brooks says.

“All of our health services are committed to providing patients with the best care and health outcomes that they can,” he says.

“Being on this digital transformation journey alongside them, with each clinic and hospital working together, has positively impacted patient experience and delivered higher standards of care.”

Gippsland Health Alliance (GHA), provides publicly funded health services in the Gippsland region. GHA is one of five Rural Health Alliances established by the former Department of Human Services (now Services Australia). With the overarching objective to provide timely information to health professionals and administrators, wherever needed. GHA maximises the effectiveness of patient care and optimises the use of scarce resources to help health providers and the community.