Our Partners

We work with top tier partners to deliver the best data and technology solutions.

What is Qlik?
Global company Qlik offers technology and tools to help businesses and organisations to “integrate, transform, analyse and act on data”.

Qlik’s offerings include: Qlik Cloud Platform, Qlik Sense, Qlik AutoML, QlikView, Qlik Replicate, Qlik Compose for Dake Lakes, Qlik Compose for Data Warehouse, Qlik Enterprise Manager
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What is Microsoft?
Global company Microsoft offers technology and tools to help businesses and organisations with data management, software development and IT projects.

Microsoft’s applications and technology offerings include: Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Sharepoint
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What is Insightsoftware?
Insightsoftware provides solutions to help businesses and organisations to connect and make sense of their data.

Insightsoftware’s offerings include a number of tools to embed analytics, automate and manage data.
What is Inphinity?
Inphinity, a Qlik technology partner, produces a range of tools and Qlik native extensions to help users extract additional value and functionality from their Qlik products.

Inphinity’s products include inphinity suite,inphinity flow and inphinity mole.
What is Sisense?
Sisense’s global analytics platform allows businesses and organisations to embed analytics into their processes and workflows.

Their range of tools include Sisense fusion embed, Sisense cloud, infusion apps, data connectors and data visualisation
What is Cx-ex?
Cx-ex focus is on providing businesses and organisations with tools to improve employee and customer experience with its AI-powered conversational intelligence analytics platform.

Cx-ex’s products include CX listeners and emotion AI, Employee Heartbeat, Auto QA and Operational Performance solutions and compliance and risk management solutions.
What is Techosity?
Techosity provides a range of specialist technology services including IT management, technology strategy and support, cyber risk management and digital transformation.
What is Augmented CS?
Augmented CS provides a range of services and solutions to help organisations and businesses to improve operations through technology, tools and data.

Some of their niche service offerings include call centre productivity, work health and safety compliance and Private Health Information (PHI) competitive analysis.
What is Databridge?
Databridge offer analytics services, business consulting and digital solutions, alongside Qlik native extensions and a UX UI technology tool.

Their offerings include Q^plus Analytics Framework and a Qlik extension marketplace.
What is Astrato?
Astrato is a data analytics and visualisation solution for data in the cloud - providing no code apps for businesses and organisations that use Snowflake, Databricks or as OEM embedded software.
What is Junba IT?
Jinba IT’s focus is providing Microsoft 365 services that assist businesses and organisations in their technology and IT projects.

Service offerings include IT support and managed services, cyber security, cloud migration, microsoft teams, sharepoint intranet services, Azure, microsoft consulting and microsoft services.