Data driven approach drives digital transformation: Improved reporting & dashboards using Qlik Sense (Cloud SaaS)

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West Gippsland Healthcare Group




• Self service dashboards
• Automated reporting
• Data literacy training


West Gippsland Healthcare Group (WGHG) had a digital transformation plan in place to improve the way that reliable data was delivered to, and understood by, their executive and management teams - however, lacked the necessary internal resourcing to execute and deliver this goal. 

Bolstering WGHG’s data driven approach would improve the way that they could understand, and act upon, variables such as disruptions to frontline services, patient volume and workforce resourcing. 


A three-pronged approach, Notitia’s solution included setting up multi-layered reporting, automated and customised departmental reports via UX UI designed Qlik Sense ( Cloud SaaS) dashboards and data literacy training to ensure that internal executive stakeholders were empowered to use their data.

Notitia provided the end-to-end management and execution, alongside West Gippsland Healthcare Group’s senior data analyst - their project champion.  Leveraging Notitia to supplement their internal resourcing was cost effective to execute and fast track the project.


The project was executed in just six weeks, ensuring that WGHG’s executive team and managers have more accessible data and tailored reporting to support their day-to-day data driven decisions, alongside long-term strategy and planning.

Their teams are now empowered to make more informed operational decisions around the contributing factors that impact activity and performance, and ultimately their government funding targets.

Client Overview

West Gippsland Healthcare Group operates from a number of sites in the Shire of Baw Baw to provide acute medical and surgical, obstetric, emergency, community and aged care services. 

The healthcare group receives government funding from the Department of Health. This is determined by the National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU) - part of the National Funding Model for health services for acute admitted care, subacute care, emergency care and non-admitted care activity. 

Activity and performance, against targets, impact the amount of government funding that WGHG receives.

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Notitia’s solution was the development and delivery of tailored and automated reporting and a set of Qlik Sense dashboards, that would allow executive and management teams to quickly access and understand data that directly impacts their decision making.

Notitia’s co-design process, combined with iterative data modelling - a way of refining and improving data quality and outputs in an incremental way - allowed West Gippsland Healthcare Group and Notitia to deploy Qlik Sense dashboards rapidly.

[The solution involved]
• Developing and co-designing a multi-layered set of reporting dimensions to provide flexible insights into performance against targets.

• Establishing a centralised table of all activity to ensure data consistency, while enabling a customised approach and view of the data for each department.

• Setting up Qlik Sense dashboards specifically to generate reports on the National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU). These apps cater for the executive team and individual departments, providing valuable insights for department managers and operations managers.

• Dashboard creation supported with UX UI designed wireframes to optimise usability, user experience and engagement with the data.

• Setting up a foundation for auditing Department of Health reporting against internally recorded activity.

• Data literacy training sessions to ensure that internal stakeholders interpret, understand and use their data correctly.


West Gippsland Healthcare Group (WGHG) have fast-tracked their digital transformation journey and their overarching goal to improve operational efficiency. 

Leveraging the services of Notitia to supplement their internal resourcing, the organisation was able to achieve their objectives in a short amount of time - without the need to employ a team to execute the data strategy, analytics, UX and UI design, Qlik development and project management.

Taking just six weeks, the project has significantly improved the way that WGHG access and use data. Their executive and management teams are empowered to make faster and more informed decisions, which has positively impacted their day-to-day operations and long-term strategy.

A data driven approach to operations also means that their team can quickly understand, and act upon, factors that impact their activity, performance and progress against government funding targets.

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