How Microsoft can help

Global company Microsoft offers technology and tools to help businesses and organisations with data management, software development and IT projects.
Microsoft’s applications and technology offerings include: Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Sharepoint

Notitia and Microsoft

Notitia’s collaborations with Microsoft as our technology partner have included:

* Leveraging Power BI for valuable insights and data driven business culture.

* Deployment of Azure data lakes.

* Beautifully UX UI designed Microsoft Sharepoint Intranet websites.

* Implementing security on Microsoft Cloud,  including operationalizing R scripts into Azure Databricks.

Working with Microsoft: Client examples

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Reef Authority

Microsoft | Microsoft Azure Cloud | Azure Databricks | Government | Environment

* Bespoke Website Portal + Visual Map Exploration Tool for Rangers + Compliance Officers that allows users to input data, access multiple data sources + view on interactive geospatial maps.

* Notitia custom built + designed the portal to meet their needs: Quick access + exploration of data and information, historical modelling of poaching risk + patrol effort + forecast data for weather + poaching risk.

* All developed security on Microsoft Azure cloud, including operationzing R scripts into Azure Databricks - allowing for a reliable statistical data pipeline.

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Eastern Freeway - Burke to Tram Alliance (Eastern BTA)

Qlik | Qlik SaaS | Microsoft | Microsoft Sharepoint Intranet | Civil Construction

* Microsoft Sharepoint employee intranet to support internal communications, increase cross-divisional information sharing and engagement, and the ability to work together within a centralised knowledge base.

* Our UI UX design and web development teams created an intranet that met Eastern BTA’s overarching internal communication goals, the needs of each business division and user experience of 800 employees.

* Notitia deployed Qlik SaaS, including migrating a legacy on premise environment with hundreds of apps and dozens of streams. We implemented new developer ways of working that enables secure access to data both on premise and cloud, and allows for real-time collaboration and governed access to data, alongside extensive end user training and videos.

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Foodbank Victoria

Qlik | Qlik Sense SaaS | Azure Data Lake | Not-for-profit | Charity

* Foodbank Victoria needed greater access to accurate + reliable data to make data-driven decisions + deliver their service to areas of most need.

* Notitia implemented Qlik Sense SaaS, along with a cloud migration, development + deployment of Azure Data Lake, developer training + bespoke dashboards.

* Notitia produced an interactive dashboard with “what-if?” scenario-analysis + historical growth by postcode, customisable traffic-light alerting, geographic overlay (state, electoral boundaries, LGA, postcodes, custom catchment zones) + impact modelling of future distribution hubs.


Notitia’s amazing clients who’ve worked with Microsoft

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