VIDEO: Future of Data Analytics

Our Adelaide-based Director Helen (a knock-your-socks-off amazing human) gives us her insight into the ever-evolving IT & data analytics landscape.

February 22, 2019

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What's ahead: IT & data analytics landscape

We grabbed Helen (Adelaide-based Notitia Director) to give us her off-the-cuff observations about our industry.

Helen is a software developer who has worked in both industry and research environments to develop tools to conceptualise complex systems. She is a creative person who is intent on improving the accessibility of data-driven decision making.

What’s one of the most interesting changes you’ve observed in the industry recently?


"Across the board people have really improved their knowledge of tech and have developed their opinions on tech solutions.
"There's a much stronger push for solutions that are directly practical and useful in day-to-day application, and there's a real desire as a client to test out something right away, and get to know it a lot more, which is fantastic."

What do you expect our industry to look like in the next 5 years?


"My guess is that we'll see more clients who will want to have an overview of everything that their business is doing, rather than just having a few executives who want to see that.
"People will want to really know that they're keeping up the pace with others that they're working with and those in similar industries."

What advice do you give to others in the industry?


"Really listen to what the client wants and then be honest about what's really doable and what will definitely get them there.
"It's often more important to a client that you get a solution that's practical for them and that they'll enjoy, then meeting the literal definitions that they might have drawn up a couple of years ago."

Helen is always happy to have a chat about providing tech solutions, find her on Notitia's Team Page.

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