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Driving diversity in tech

We're a data analytics company with a 50/50 gender split in both our executive team & our extended team; made up of people from different backgrounds. Not everyone has come from a "techy" background. We prioritise ability, values and individual ambition, over "on-paper" qualifications.

February 22, 2019

Notitia Team, full team picture

Notitia's Diversity Initiatives + Workplace Culture‍

Diversity + workplace culture is an ongoing commitment + journey of continuous improvement.

We're an open-minded team with diverse backgrounds, personality types & POVs. It's our strength: the reason why we produce high quality outcomes & solve the big problems for our clients. Read how we do it here.

We hope that by sharing our workplace culture + diversity initiatives, we keep up this important conversation.

A key finding in a recent Forbes insight study concluded that diversity drives innovation in the workplace. Research shows that inclusive teams perform up to 30% better in high-diversity environments, according to Gartner.

Australia’s gender representation in STEM

According to the AU Gov's STEM Equity Monitor, in 2022:

🔬 Women made up 27% of the total STEM workforce (which was 1% less than year prior)

👩💻 23% of all managers were women

🤑 Gender pay gap was $27K (based on full time, total renumeration).

What will change this?

Real action from business leaders:

➡ Actively find & hire deserving female candidates.

➡ Pay them fairly.

Notitia has a 50% female workforce, with our executive + broader team an even 50/50 split. This hasn't happened by accident.

The diversity + workplace culture initiatives we've put into play:

⚫ Flexible working arrangements throughout all levels of our team, from graduates through to directors. Our people can work part time, remotely + in flexible arrangements. This allows them to allocate the rest of the week for other parts of their life including: balancing career with family, pursuing other commitments; ensuring their health is a priority.

⚫ Paid roles and opportunities available to those who are changing career from a non-technical background.

⚫ Visas to enable Notitia to employ individuals with the appropriate skills who are not Australian citizens.

⚫ Paid roles and opportunities are available to people who are changing career from a non-technical background. Our team is strengthen by different skills & backgrounds, we haven't all come straight from a STEM career, we also have PhDs in health science, neuroscience, biomedical science, design & communications.

⚫ Generous parental leave policy and return-to-work plans (with additional paid leave) to allow our people to spend time with their family before transitioning back to the workplace.

Check out our talented national team here.

If you are interested in joining Notitia, we'd love to hear from you.

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