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People in our workplace don’t all look + think the same: this is why it produces better outcomes.

Notitia's Managing Director, Alex Avery, recently penned an op-ed piece for #TechDiversity about why diversity produces much better outcomes for business and our clients.

August 1, 2023

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Diversity in tech

Notitia is an end-to-end data strategy and analytics firm, with a 50/50 gender split in our executive and 60% female workforce in our extended team. We’ve sponsored visas to attract and retain great people.

We’re from diverse backgrounds. Most of us have not come from a "techy"career pathway. We prioritise ability, values and individual ambition and drive, over "on-paper" qualifications or industry “norms”.

Diversity produces much better outcomes for business and our clients. It’s also no-brainer for fuelling the tech industry’s workforce.

Read the Op Ed article Notitia's Managing Director, Alex Avery, penned for TechDiversity.

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About Alex Avery, Notitia Managing Director + Founder

Alex Avery Notitia's director

Alex Avery, Notitia Founder and Managing Director, heads our operations in Melbourne to provide data analytics and digital transformation services to more than 60 clients across Australia.

He is highly regarded for his ability to quickly analyse complex operational scenarios and provide workable solutions to achieve business objectives. This, along with considerable experience in the management of technical and business teams across both project environments and "business as usual" is the reason why most clients have come via word of mouth.

Having spent close to a decade working across Australian and global startups, Big 4 consulting and academia, Alex launched Notitia in 2019, which has since skyrocketed in growth.

Today, Alex leads his expanding team across data + analytics, design + development + strategy to help Australian clients solve their data challenges.

He sees technology as an enabler and partners with the biggest vendors to utilise best of breed software.

With the right technology and expertise, Alex says that problems of any size can be solved through valuable insights from accurate data.

Book a chat with Alex to find out how he can solve your data challenge.

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