Notitia's client Gippsland Health Alliance (GHA), has been recognised with the prestigious 2023 Qlik Excellence in Healthcare Award.

October 30, 2023

Image of Notitia Director receiving award for Gippsland Health Alliance project


Gippsland Health Alliance (GHA), a publicly-funded health service, was recognised with the prestigious 2023 Qlik Excellence in Healthcare Award on Thursday, October 26.

Notitia's client GHA was praised for its work in deploying critical business intelligence solutions to solve complex health matters across Victoria’s Gippsland Region.

Asher Brooks, GHA Lead Reporting and Business Intelligence Developer, thanked the 17health centres and hospitals supported by GHA’s service, including LaTrobe Regional Hospital.

“This award reflects the hard work of Gippsland's health centres and hospitals, and in particular, LaTrobe Regional Hospital, which have championed the journey of digital transformation for their patients, over the past few years,” Mr Brooks said.

“Sharing best practices, resources and collaboration is the key to boosting the efficiency of the regional health sector as a whole.”

In February, GHA switched from a non-premise data centre to cloud, which improved the efficiency of their service to client health sites. With the help of data strategy and analytics firm, Notitia, the project took only a month to complete.

“We have seen the positive impact on health care in Gippsland,” Mr Brooks said.

“GHA, along with our health centres and hospitals, has greatly benefited from improved security, data and reporting.”

Alex Avery, Notitia Managing Director and Founder said that the work that GHA had achieved with its health clients was sector-leading.

"GHA's collaborative approach with its health centres and hospitals demonstrates what can be achieved by leveraging data for tangible, real-world outcomes," he said.

"It's been a pleasure to support GHA along their data journey and we look forward to working with them as they continue to grow from strength to strength."

Charlie Farrah, Qlik Senior Director of Solutions and Value Engineering, said GHA had seamlessly and securely managed the Qlik Cloud migration.

“GHA’s seamless migration to Qlik Cloud is applauded as a benchmark for other health sites across Australia who are looking to leverage data to its fullest to help clinicians and the wider health system better perform their duties,” Mr Farrah said.

“Public and private healthcare organisations across Australia stand to benefit hugely from improved data analytics, reporting and security, which help to achieve greater efficiencies, outcomes and patient experiences.”

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