Is your data analytics solution the right one for your business?

QUICK ANSWER: Don't waste time answering this in isolation, workshop your problem with us.

January 9, 2023

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Workshopping your data solution| Here's what we tell our clients

Is your data analytics solution right for your business?

QUICK ANSWER: never answer this in isolation - speak to us first.

Notitia solves your business problems.

In fact, our team has been handpicked by Alex, Notitia Founder & Managing Director, because of their sixth-sense ability to ask the right questions and investigate the root cause.

We use our combined expertise in data analytics, data quality, data strategy, design and development, to provide a solution with tangible outcomes for your business and people.

What this means:

  1. We only ever provide a solution that nails your current business objectives, in a way that is also sustainable for your future growth.
  1. We only say “yes” to a solution when we have looked at it from every angle and have done our own research alongside our clients’ initial brief.

What this does:

  • Provides you with a solution that, in most cases, is better than what you thought was possible.
  • Saves time and money in the long run.
  • Allows us to work with our core values, which include “no BS” (in that we straight-talk, with no BS and we won’t give you a BS solution).

What to expect

When we meet a new client, 80% of the time they’ve already done their own research into their problem and have formed a bias around “the right solution” for them.

Here’s the first part of the journey that we ALWAYS take our clients through, before we even whisper the words "products" "builds" or "process".

Initial chat:

We will ask you more questions (than what you are used to answering) and our directors will spend time with decision makers at the beginning of your journey.

It’s an open conversation about the business that goes two ways: we understand where we can add value the most; and you feel confident that what we do, will actually add value.

No BS Promises & no time wasting:

These go against our core values, and frankly, Notitia started because of a *strong dislike* for inauthenticity.

Time spent with you will only add significant value. If we can’t provide a solution, this is something we will know and communicate to you straight away. We have strong partnerships and networks and happily refer to others when the brief doesn't match our capabilities.

Data analytics & strategy solution:

It means that both parties (us and our clients) move into the data solution phase 100% confident that their data analytics, data quality, design and development journey with Notitia will meet their goals and solve real business problems.

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