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BI Analytics
We model and analyse data to answer your trickiest questions, and pre-empt your next ones. We blend our domain knowledge with your expertise, as well as human-readable code, to provide analytical explanations.
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We build analytical products which allow you to ask and answer your own questions. Dashboards are interactive, they examine the ‘what if' scenarios and optimise workflows. These self-service platforms ultimately make data accessible to you, the end user, without needing to understand code. 
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Data Lake
Data has changed. It’s no longer just tables, it’s videos, documents, images and more. This has meant data types, volume and storage have exploded - cloud is the new normal. While applications have never been easier to deploy, getting access to data is still difficult. We implement Data Lakes to store, centralise, and serve up data to users, applications and products. 
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We want you to own our co-developed solution, we don’t believe in outright project handover to our client teams. We work with you to build knowledge, confidence and ownership in the data-driven products you now own. This takes many forms: classroom-style training, cultivating knowledge bases, collaborative sessions, videos and more.
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Our team of experts can help you answer the often daunting questions about data. Where does data live within your organisation and who is responsible? How do we use and leverage that data to improve our world? How do others use data and how can you develop a competitive advantage? We guide you to the best possible solutions for your organisation. 
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Solution Architecture +
The modern data stack is a collection of cloud systems that need to be orchestrated together. The days of monolithic providers are over - microservers are in. We develop technical solution architecture to tailor the collection of products to your needs.

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