Data and analytics service

Data Pipelines

Data strategy development
Solution, technology + tools
Competitive industry pricing +
vendor selection
Analytics implementation
Data quality + governance
Resourcing + training
Take off the data load
Transform unreliable, resource-heavy and inconsistent data into quick and actional data-driven insights that boost performance
Make reporting a breeze + improve data literacy
Deliver the right information, to the right people, in the right way, at the right time (autonomously!) 
Inject needed resources (Our highly skilled people)
Complement your existing team to perform those *hard to fill* critical tasks
Help you to achieve your business objectives
Understand your customers and services, monitor and reach targets, receive more funding, meet regulatory requirements, gain a competitive advantage in your market
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Data Analytics

Working with Notitia, you leverage the best in the industry: tapping into our guidance and support, where and where it is needed, to effectively implement your data strategy. 

We partner with you to navigate the complexities of data analytics, so that your people are well equipped to get the right insights that produce the right outcomes.

Our data analytics experts have been carefully hand picked. Our people value ‘diversity of thought’ and we use our different backgrounds, skills and experience, to our advantage. 

Notitia has helped clients across nearly every Australian sector and our passion is in-depth investigation: finding unique solutions to any problem thrown our way. 

Data Analytics Training

Our clients ask us to run their data analytics + developer training in Melbourne, Regional VIC + Adelaide: empowering them with the right skills and resources that bridge the knowledge gap - helping them to get the most out of their data.

We always work closely with each client to understand their goals and ensure that we’ve personalised our training, using examples that relate to each business and industry.

It’s also an opportunity to upskill your workforce in data literacy, data governance and data quality. It means that your people have the right skills in place to maintain trustworthy and reliable data.

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