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We’ve carefully handpicked designers who have that special ability to conceptualise + execute your brand identity, well beyond “run of the mill”
Strategic Approach
If you’re big on strategy, you’ve landed at the right place. We approach brand identity from a “research-first” POV considering the market, target audience and competitors. It means that we nail your positioning and resonate with your audience.
Time + Resourcing
We have clients who use our services as an additional resource to their team, to fill a gap or add more virtual boots on the ground. Complete that project faster, with additional expert resourcing - allowing your people to focus on their core work.
Consistency + Cohesion
Consistency reinforces your branding, identity and message, creating a unified and professional visual image + strong presence in your market.
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3 Steps: Visual Identity + Branding

Consistency and professionalism throughout your print and digital media is the foundation for building brand recognition, trust, loyalty. Ultimately driving growth and success in your market.

Our highly-skilled designers will help you to define your brand, through a strong, cohesive and well-executed visual identity.

Creating a brand identity involves a strategic and creative process. As your business evolves and grows, review and update your brand identity to stay relevant and aligned with your audience. Here are three essential steps:


Research + Discovery

 Before diving into the design phase, our designers will want to understand your target audience, industry landscape, competitors, and your own business goals. 

Here, we identify what sets your business apart and the core values you want to convey through your brand.


Design + Concept Development

When we’ve landed on your brand’s essence, it’s time to start the design process.

We develop a visual concept that aligns with the research insights and captures your brand personality: logo, colours, typography, and overall visual style. 

Here, we create cohesive elements that are versatile and can be used across various platforms and materials.


Brand Guidelines + Implementation

Comprehensive brand guidelines are essential to use the design elements consistently: Ensure that anyone can pick them up and apply it correctly. 

It covers logo usage, front, colour codes, typography rules, and guidelines for imagery and placement. Making your brand recognisable and consistent across all touchpoints: website, social media, marketing materials, packaging, and print.

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