REPORT: Notitia's response to the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy Discussion Paper

The Australian Government has set the lofty goal of becoming "the most cyber secure nation by 2030". We've examined the strategy and have outlined Notitia's recommendations. Download our report.

April 14, 2023

Cyber Security Paper from Notitia introducing data strategy 2023-2030

2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy

The Australian Government has set the lofty goal of becoming "the most cyber secure nation by 2030". Notitia has examined the strategy to provide our recommendations.

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The Government is developing cyber security policy and initiatives under four key areas:

  • A secure economy and thriving cyber ecosystem.
  • A secure and resilient critical infrastructure and government sector.
  • A sovereign and assured capability to counter cyber threats.
  • Australia as a trusted and influential global cyber leader, working in partnership with our neighbours to lift cyber security and build a cyber resilient region.​

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About Alex Avery, Notitia Managing Director + Founder

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Alex Avery, Notitia Founder and Managing Director, heads our operations in Melbourne and Adelaide to provide data analytics and digital transformation services to more than 60 clients across Australia.

He is highly regarded for his ability to quickly analyse complex operational scenarios and provide workable solutions to achieve business objectives. This, along with considerable experience in the management of technical and business teams across both project environments and "business as usual" is the reason why most of clients have come via word of mouth.

An Honorary Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne, Alex is across all things data and is passionate about applying analytics for societal benefits.

Having spent close to a decade working across Australian and global startups, Big 4 consulting and academia, Alex launched Notitia in 2019, which has since skyrocketed in growth.

Today, Alex leads his expanding team across data + analytics, design + development + strategy to help Australian clients solve their data challenges.

He sees technology as an enabler and partners with the biggest vendors to utilise best of breed software. With the right technology and expertise, Alex says that problems of any size can be solved through valuable insights from accurate data.

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