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Data Analytics + Developer Training

Our clients often ask us to run their data analytics + developer training in Melbourne, Regional VIC + Adelaide: empowering them with the right skills and resources that bridge the knowledge gap - helping them to get the most out of their data.

June 14, 2023

Arturo Ortega video chatting Lachland Hamilton both Data analysts at Notitia

Notitia data analytics training | Empowering your team

Our clients often ask us to run their data analytics + developer training: empowering them with the right skills and resources that bridge the knowledge gap - helping them to get the most out of their data.

Data Analytics Training: How we do it

When run data analytics training for our clients in person and virtually (across Australia), we always work closely with each client beforehand to understand their goals. This ensures that we’ve personalised our training, using examples that relate to each business and industry.

It’s also important to use this as an opportunity to upskill your workforce in data literacy, data governance and data quality. It means that your people have the right skills in place to maintain trustworthy and reliable data.

Analytics Lead, Lachy, works closely with our clients to help them to get the most value out of their analytics projects. His passion for using data to improve healthcare is based on his years of experience as a health data specialist and undergrad degree in biomedicine, majoring in bioengineering systems. Read our Q+A with Lachlan here.

Analytics Consultant, Arturo seeks out optimised solutions for our clients, with a strong drive to continually improve his knowledge of different analytics platforms, products, software and coding. Before joining Notitia a year ago, Arturo worked across web and software development in Mexico and Canada.

We tailor each training session to fit your unique needs, here's just some of topics we cover:

>Data Literacy: filling the gaps between your business goals + your people’s knowledge + capabilities

>Basic - intermediate/expert data analytics: customised based on our client’s unique environment

>Developer Training: train your people how to use your data analytics software. Our expert team is experienced across a broad range of analytics products + we work with only top-rate partners.

Data Visualisation: giving your people the skills to effectively communicate with your data.

Analytics + Developer Training Q+A with Lachlan

Q: Why do our clients conduct regular training sessions with their team, what are the benefits?

A: When businesses use Notitia to train their team - they know that they are getting the most up-to-date and top rated industry training, Notitia Analytics Lead Lachlan Hamilton says.

"We know that our clients benefit hugely from our expert-knowledge and perspective that we've gained from working across a huge amount of Australian sectors and industries," Lachlan says.

“Notitia has that specialist knowledge that is actually quite difficult to acquire when you are working in a particular silo within a business, or tied-up with other work priorities."

Q: Self-taught vs external training, what is the difference?

A: "We find that in many businesses, there are data + IT employees who are quite competent at doing the work that they need to do - and have been mostly self-taught, but it means that they won't necessarily know the general principles behind the work they're doing or how to fix things when they go wrong."

Lachlan says this is where it is hugely beneficial for Notitia to "fill the knowledge gap" and train our clients in areas such as the most recent software capabilities and how they directly relate to their business, along with best practices around data modelling and ways to deal with difficult modelling scenarios.

“Our Qlik Developer Training is a great example of this, it is focussed on people with no prior experience with Qlik Sense, although interestingly, in all the session we’ve run, we’ve had people show up who are moderately experienced and they’ve found it really valuable to get general training about what the capabilities of Qlik, actually are.”

Q: What is a recent example of how training can help a business to get the most out of their data?

A: "Our healthcare clients had recently implemented a Qlik Sense dashboard to analyse their data," Lachlan says.

"Suddenly, their people had really easy and quick access to a lot more data within their business, more than they ever have had before," Lachlan says.

They came to us with this common problem: 'How do we now get the most out of our data?' Lachlan says.

“After two days of basic Qlik developer training with us, our clients were able to create their own Qlik Sense app from scratch, and understand the basics of loading data, data transformation, data modelling, building charts and visuals and then publishing and sharing the results of that with their colleagues."

> Questions about how we can help with your data strategy? Book in a call with our managing director, Alex Avery or read more about the Notitia Team.

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