VIDEO SERIES: How we successfully roll out your data + IT project

Notitia Director, Helen Dockrell explains the “roll-out + familiarisation” phase of a typical data/IT project. It’s part of our video series that steps you through our client journey, from identifying a business problem - through to the implementation.

November 9, 2023

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How we ensure your teams are ready

Notitia Director, Helen Dockrell is back with this video to explain the “roll-out + familiarisation” phase of a typical data/IT project.

It’s part of our video series that steps you through our client journey. From identifying a business problem - through to the implementation of your data project or IT solution.

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Your Data Project Roll Out

At this point, we've already gone through the information gathering and planning stages. And the web development for your data/IT project is underway.

The next step is the rollout and familiarisation stage of the project.

Helen explains that her focus, in this phase, is your team’s internal systems - ensuring that your people are trained and ready for when the project is finalised.

“What we're going to do at this point, is transition from a feature-focused development process into a supportive "touchpoint" system,” Helen says.

Onboarding your team for success with internal processes

“Our goal is for your internal team to confidently action the end-to-end process involved in your data project.

“We’ve found that ownership of internal processes can only come through actually trying it out to see how it fits in your team’s day-to-day workflow.”

Typically, development will still be happening at the same time and the Notitia Team will manage that in parallel.

“The goal during this time is getting your team confident in the tool set and transitioning between a state of change and process development, over to a state of internal ownership,” Helen says.

Data/IT project roll out: Training your people

The key to a successful roll-out and implementation, is being really clear about roles and responsibilities.

Technical training, company-wide data literacy and implementing structured processes is how we transition from Notitia's project team managing your new data/IT solution, over to your internal team.

But what if you don't have the skill set in your business or capacity to take on that work right now?

When clients ask us to "own" their solution in the medium to long-term:

  • We make sure that roles and responsibilities and the timeline are really clear.
  • We help your people to upskill in their own role (while continuing their usual responsibilities). This provides them with the level of support needed for the project to run smoothly, and allows your people to "practice" their whole role (current and future). It means that we can also identify any changes that may need to be made.
  • We will create supportive processes internally, that allow people to take on the required roles and responsibilities.

Book time in with Helen to find out how she can help solve your problems through data.

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About Helen Dockrell, Notitia Director

Helen Dockrell Notitia's director headshot

Notitia Director, Helen is a software developer who has worked in both industry and research environments to develop tools to conceptualise complex systems.

Always up to the challenge, Helen has a proven track record in developing ways that empower her clients through improved access to data for informed decision making.

Helen is a highly creative person, which fires her passion for problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking.

Leading Notitia's Adelaide office, Helen works with clients both in-person and remotely across Australia.

Her educational background in the sciences includes a degree and post graduate in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and computer science.

> Book time in with Helen to find out how she can help solve your problems through data.

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