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Meet the team: Notitia Analytics Manager, Kelly McAteer

Notitia Analytics Manager, Kelly McAteer, is passionate about providing organisational transformation through change management and best industry practices. Read about Kelly's love for analytics and customer-centric design; and how her background in medical and health science brings a unique perspective to what she does.

March 30, 2023

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Q&A with Notitia Analytics Manager, Kelly McAteer

Notitia Analytics Manager, Kelly McAteer, is passionate about providing organisational transformation through change management and best industry practices.

With a natural ability to deliver customer centric design, Kelly works closely with Notitia's clients and industry stakeholders; while building teams to efficiently bring a vision to life:

I excel at being able to position myself as someone that can not only take a 50,000ft view over the lifecycle of a project, but also go down into the weeds of a problem, to make sure everyone understands what they need to know in order to solve a problem or move forward on a project.

What are your responsibilities in the Notitia team?

It changes based on every client's needs, but I energise many dynamic roles here at Notitia. Overall I serve project management, scrum master, business analysis, change management and business development activities.

My usual day at work begins with a very strong black coffee and going through emails that start coming through from the east coast.

I usually run one (or more) team stand ups, first thing. Then, between meetings, I update project and resource plans, check-in with individuals within the team, and send out status updates.

I see myself as an enabler, either enabling others to do their jobs or enabling clients to realise the business value that they are looking for when they engage us for services.

What do you love about working with Notitia clients?

I like the variety most of all. Every client brings a new problem or challenge that needs to be solved and different ways of working. It keeps me on my toes and it means that I get to work on multiple projects at once.

How did you transition from neuroscience to tech?

I was committed to a career change, which I think is the most important step to take.

I had achieved what I wanted to in that space and focused on marketing my soft skills such as project management, problem solving and being able to work independently as well as in teams.

After completing my PhD, I won a graduate position in federal government as a systems analyst. This allowed me to explore and expand my capabilities, and it’s ultimately how I ended up at Notitia today.

What do you love most about data analytics?

I love taking data that seems like a monolith to conquer, and breaking it down into something that makes sense to someone, no matter what that looks like or what technology is used. That’s so rewarding for me to see during and at the end of a project.

What is important to bring a project to life?

Fully understanding the problem statement and the “why” of what the client wants to achieve, is key. I see so many clients jump straight to a solution, but often there are things that are not considered. Taking the time to make sure everyone in the project is aligned to the "how", "what" and "why" of what you are trying to achieve is so important.

What are the important lessons you've learnt along the way?

Be super clear in roles and responsibilities, who is responsible for delivering what and what is to be delivered.

Although we like to work in agile environments, that is never an excuse for not having a predefined scope.

Agility allows us to be able to adjust that scope and define in more detail throughout the project. It’s so important to have the bravery and agency to call out when there is risk of scope creep, or if something is completely out of scope.

I try to make sure all team members, internal and external, have the safety to be able to call out when something doesn’t seem right.

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Notitia Analytics Manager, Kelly McAteer

Kelly brings a unique perspective to data analytics and a strong passion for health data, with a doctorate in medical science and first class honours in health science.

Her time in complex government agencies has underpinned her expertise in the delivery of large scale technology transformation projects and SaaS platforms.

These experiences include Scaled Agile project delivery and modern business analysis techniques - including requirements elicitation and business process mapping, all whilst thriving in high performing environments.

She has extensive experience in both on-premise and cloud technology stacks (specifically customer relationship management systems including Salesforce and SAP CRM). Alongside specialist knowledge in software design, modern UI/UX design principles, system architecture, data modelling and cross platform integration.

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