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Meet the Notitia Team: Digital Design

Our Design Team specialise in data-driven design to bring projects to life: working with our clients, alongside the Notitia team of developers & data analysts.

February 7, 2023

Regina and Carla design team holding Notitia merchandising

Q+A With Digital Designers | UI UX Design + Prototyping | Branding

Notitia's Design + Development Services

Our Design Team is responsible for Notitia's Design & Development Services:

>UI/UX Design + Prototyping

>Website and Application Design + Development

>Graphic Design

>Brand Identity

What is a normal day, as a designer working in the tech space?

On a day-to-day basis, working for clients in data analytics involves a variety of tasks.

We typically start by understanding the client's goals, objectives and requirements for the project. We then conduct research to gain insights into the client's industry and target audience.

From there, we create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs for the website or application. We work closely with developers to ensure that the design is properly implemented and functioning as intended. Finally, we test and refine the design to improve the user experience.

Tell us about specialising in UX & UI (User Experience/User Interface)?

UX/UI allows us to work with web and app design.

UX : The user experience is how the user interacts with the product. The flow of the user, how they travel through your website and how they interact with the digital product.

UI: User interface is how the platform looks - all the things that you see (such as the buttons, the icons and tool-tips).

What do you enjoy about working with tech clients?

We enjoy working with clients because it allows us to collaborate with others and bring our ideas to life.

It's rewarding to see the end result of a project and how it helps the client to achieve their goals. We also appreciate the opportunity to learn from clients and gain a deeper understanding of their industry and target audience.

What has been one of your best design projects?

Our most favourite design project to date has been the rebrand and website design for Notitia.

We were able to showcase our skills and expertise in data-driven design, and it was a great opportunity to help shape the brand's image and message. We were able to see the impact of our work and how it has helped Notitia to achieve its goals.

Advice to graduate designers?

Reach out and extend your network! Don't be shy if there's a particular industry that you want to get into or if you like someone's work - reach out to them and seek advice. Established designers are generally willing to share advice and information to help up-and-coming designers to get a leg up.

What do you like most about working in data analytics as a designer?

The intersection of design and tech.

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