How a Data Analytics Consultant - managed service partner - can fill your technical skills gap

When our clients experience technology, tool or knowledge “gaps” in their current teams, “analytics as a managed service” is usually the most efficient and cost effective way to keep projects and BAU activities on track.

April 10, 2024

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Using a managed service provider, data analytics consultant, to resource your team

When our clients experience technology, tool or knowledge “gaps” in their current teams “analytics as a managed service” is usually the most efficient and cost effective way to keep projects and BAU activities on track.

What does "analytics as a managed service" entail?

We provide you with an analytics expert who will seamlessly work alongside your team - flexible to your requirements and needs and available on-demand via phone or email.

Our team encompass the full spectrum of data management, technology and analytics. They will whip through a project, respond to ad hoc requests, or ensure that BAU activities are ticked off the list, while providing mentorship and training to upskill your people.

Arturo Ortega, Notitia’s Melbourne-based Data Analytics Consultant, works alongside clients to provide on-demand analytics - as an extension of their internal team.

When a business leverages analytics as a managed service or IT managed services, they have access to the same experts, alongside the broader Notitia team, Data Analytics Consultant, Arturo Ortega says.

“Our clients get a lot of value from having access to a Data Analytics Consultant who can power through project tasks quickly, work alongside their team as one of their own and be on call for those tricky questions that come up.

“Often I’m brought in as a mentor for internal teams that have a different skill set.

“It means that I’m not just doing the tasks, but I’m also empowering the team to upskill for future work.”

Arturo brings a wealth of data analytics consulting and tech industry experience from other countries and sectors, alongside the collective “think tank” of the Notitia team

He has extensive experience across data, IT, tech consulting, construction and logistics and has provided solutions for clients across the world, having worked in Mexico, Canada and Australia.

Having a broad mindset and interest in learning from every organisation he’s worked with, helps to provide the best possible solutions for client projects, Arturo says.

Why opt for managed services?

Reasons for using IT managed services varies - perhaps an internal skill set has changed, or new technology has been introduced and additional resources are required to supplement the team, Arturo says.

“Sometimes there’s a resourcing gap in the lead up to internal people being trained to use tools,” he says.

“Other businesses outsource to experts as a long-term approach.

“The consistent themes are efficiency, value, flexibility and experience - our clients see a return on investment when they leverage our analytics services.”

What to expect when you use Notitia's managed services:

  • Time saving: Our people are experts in what they do - which means we do the work quickly and effectively.
  • Value & flexibility: Call or email us directly when your people need help. Send us a list of tasks that need to be actioned. Mentor or train your internal experts to quickly get up-to-speed. We are flexible to our clients’ ways of working and needs - ramping up and down our hours, depending on your project work or resourcing requirements.
  • Breadth of experience: Our clients access not one expert - but the whole Notitita collective. We all have different backgrounds, experience in tools and technology and specialities. Strong leadership and culture means that even though you may work closely with one of our people, you actually leverage the problem-solving ability and strength of the whole Notitia team.
  • Fresh eyes: It always helps to get that different opinion. Our clients often tell us that the process of introducing a fresh perspective helps to challenge assumptions and produces great results.
  • Industry leading: Our team has collectively worked across nearly every industry and sector, we’ve seen how organisations have produced outcomes from their data and technology transformations. We bring this wealth of insights into each client project and it means that we get to deliver true “out of the box” and industry leading processes and projects.
  • Great culture, great people: Our people are not only amazing at what they do, we handpick them for aligning with our core values, ability to work alongside others with diverse ways of thinking, having an open mindset and thirst for solving problems.

Our Data and Analytics Services include:

  • Solution architecture
  • Data lakes & data warehouses
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Data science development & deployment at scale
  • Geoanalytics and geovisualization
  • Data quality & cleansing
  • Data pipelines & engineering
  • Data perturbation & obfuscation
  • Self-service dashboards
  • Automated reporting
  • Push/alert capability
  • Cloud migration
  • Developer training
  • End-user training

Notitia's Analytics Managed Services is a cost-effective solution to access industry-leading expertise in data analytics - driving business growth and enhancing decision-making processes.

Arturo, Notitia Data Analytics Consultant, leads projects including Qlik deployments and cloud migrations, dashboard creation, data visualisations, data quality and troubleshooting and developer training sessions. He works alongside the wider Notitia team, in person with our Melbourne office and virtually across our Adelaide & Canberra teams.

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