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Meet the Team: Notitia Data Analytics Consultant, Guilherme Matte

Gui, Notitia's Adelaide-based Data Analytics Consultant, says it's the thrill of a challenge, new technologies and working with clients that makes what he does so rewarding. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, along with a Master of Business Administration and Master of Business Information Systems, Gui brings a wealth of experience to the team.

January 24, 2024

Guilherme Matte, Notitia's Adelaide-based Data Analytics Consultant

Q&A: Guilherme Matte | Notitia's Adelaide-Based Data Analytics Consultant | Data Insights

Gui says it's the thrill of a challenge, new technologies and working with clients that makes what he does so rewarding.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, along with a Master of Business Administration and Master of Business Information Systems, he brings a wealth of experience to the team and passion to every project.

What do you do in your role as a data analyst?

"As a Data Analytics Consultant at Notitia, my role is to help our team develop end-to-end data solutions for our clients to enhance their business operations," Gui says.

"It’s a dynamic role which involves the technical and strategic aspects of data analytics and extracting data insights.  

"And it involves the entire lifecycle of data management and analytics, starting from the initial stage of designing and implementing data pipelines and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes."

What is the most rewarding part of your career with Notitia, as a data engineer?

"Working with clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of working at Notitia as a Data Analytics Consultant," Gui says.

"The diversity of challenges and technologies that each client brings to the table is particularly thrilling.

"Because every client has unique requirements and objectives, I'm required to use a distinct set of tools and approaches for problem-solving."

Gui says that the variety not only keeps his work interesting, but also contributes significantly to his professional growth and development.

"Each project with a new client is an opportunity to delve into different business domains, understand varying data ecosystems, and apply a broad spectrum of analytical methodologies.

"This dynamic environment pushes me to continuously expand my skill set and adapt to new technologies and tools. It's a process that keeps me at the forefront of data analytics trends and practices."

What do you enjoy most about working with Notitia's clients to produce data insights and solve their data challenges?

Working with our clients is incredibly fulfilling, Gui says.

"I find that they are wonderful individuals - both lovely and respectful," he says.

"Building relationships with such diverse and interesting people, understanding their perspectives, and collaborating to achieve their business goals is a truly enriching experience.

"It's not just about delivering a service; it's about creating a partnership with our clients, and being a part of their journey to success."

"Their appreciation and the tangible impact of my work on their businesses is what makes this role so gratifying."

What are some of the challenges in what you do as a data analyst?

The variety of challenges that data analysts commonly face, has been diverse and enlightening, Gui says.

"Among these, the most iconic and persistent is the over-reliance on Microsoft Excel as a primary data source for many companies," Gui says.

"While Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly a familiar and accessible tool, it often falls short in efficiency and reliability, particularly for complex data analysis and when handling large datasets.
"This limitation becomes increasingly apparent for companies, as the scale and complexity of their data grows."

Another significant challenge is the integration of data pipelines, Gui says.

"The ideal scenario is to have a system where data flows smoothly from collection to analysis with minimal human interference," he says.

"However, achieving this often involves overcoming both technical and organisational obstacles.

"It's a complex task that requires not only technical know-how but also an understanding of our client, and how their organisation or business functions."

How do you stay ahead of new technology?

The rapid pace of technological advancements in the field of data analytics keeps me on my toes, Gui says.

"New technologies and methodologies are constantly emerging, and it's my priority to always stay current.

"Deciding which new technologies to adopt vs. deepening my expertise in established technologies, is a continual balancing act.

"It's demanding, but this aspect of my job keeps the work dynamic, exciting and engaging."

Tell us about your professional background

Gui's educational background originated in Mechanical Engineering, along with a Master in Business Administration.

"I then progressed on a unique professional journey that led me to the world of data analytics, Gui says.

"After graduating, I joined the Business Intelligence team at AGCO, a global agriculture corporation, based in my home country Brazil - a decision influenced by my strong analytical skills," he says.

It was in this role that Gui discovered his passion for data.

"This newfound interest quickly became a significant part of my life," he says.

"I devoted myself to expanding my knowledge in the data analytics field, engaging in daily readings on various data-related topics, and pursuing a wide array of online courses and certifications.
"This self-driven learning not only deepened my understanding of data analytics but also cemented my desire to further specialise in this field."

Motivated by this passion, Gui then decided to pursue a Master of Business Information Systems in Australia.

"This program represented an ideal blend for me, combining the technical aspects of IT with a strong business perspective," he says.

"The course structure and the subjects offered were perfectly aligned with my career aspirations, providing a comprehensive understanding of how data analytics can be leveraged within business contexts."

Gui has lived in Australia since 2022, after emigrating from his home country, Brazil. He is native in Portuguese, fluent in English and proficient in Spanish.

Gui works alongside the wider Notitia team, virtually across our Melbourne and Canberra Offices and in person with the Adelaide team which includes Director, Helen Dockrell, Analytics Manager Kelly McAteer, Data Analytics Consultant Jessica Molina Calabrese, Senior Web Developer Brett Earle and Developer Livia Gu.

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Role Spotlight: What does a Data Analyst do?

Data Pipelines Development: Gui uses robust data pipelines that collect, process, and move data from various sources to a centralised data store or data warehouse. This also involves ensuring data quality, consistency, and accessibility.

ETL Processes: In his role, Gui uses ETL processes that transform raw data into a format suitable for analysis. This includes cleaning, aggregating, and structuring data, as well as optimising data for performance and scalability.

Data Modeling: Gui uses data models for representing the business processes and needs of our clients, ensuring that the data is organised in a way that supports their analytical and reporting requirements.

Data Visualisation, Dashboards and Reporting: An integral part of Gui’s role is to develop intuitive and insightful data visualisations, dashboards and reporting. These tools help our clients make data-driven decisions by presenting complex data in an easily understandable format.

Data Analysis and Insights: Beyond the technical aspects, Gui also analyses the data to uncover trends, patterns, and insights. He provides recommendations based on these findings to support strategic business decisions.

Client Collaboration and Consultation: Working closely with clients is key to Gui’s role. He collaborates with them to understand their specific needs, challenges, and objectives. This collaboration enables me to tailor data solutions that align with their business goals.

Staying Current with Industry Trends: Gui keeps ahead of the latest trends and advancements in data analytics and technologies. This knowledge allows the team to implement innovative solutions and offer the best possible advice to our clients.

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