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Meet the team: Notitia Data Analytics Lead, Will Khan

Will Khan is Notitia’s Melbourne-based Data Analytics Lead. With a unique blend of commercial acumen, industry knowledge and practical analytics experience, Will’s strength is guiding clients to discover hidden value and growth opportunities within their business.

March 14, 2024

Will Khan is Notitia’s Melbourne-based Data Analytics Lead.

Q&A: Will Khan, Notitia’s Melbourne-based Data Analytics Lead

Will’s passion for data comes from his background in neuroscience, advanced analytics, and management consulting -  alongside extensive experience in providing solutions in healthcare, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and consumer market industries.

With a unique blend of commercial acumen and science, Will’s strength is in his ability to guide clients to discover hidden value and growth opportunities within their business and has led teams through the entire analytics project lifecycle, ensuring successful delivery of high-impact outcomes.

Having previously worked for consulting firm PwC Australia after postdoctoral research at Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and Monash University, today Will specialises in customer analytics, supply chain management, inventory optimisation, demand forecasting, along with pricing and promotion analytics.

Aside from his professional pursuits, we knew that Will was the perfect fit for Notitia when he explained just how much data analytics = life.

At home, Will creates smart automation systems which, he says, is a testament to his passion for applying data insights in practical scenarios. “Data analytics isn't just a professional pursuit for me, " Will says. “It permeates every aspect of my life!"

What is your role at Notitia?

In his role at Notitia, Will leverages data to derive meaningful insights.

“Addressing the critical 'so-what' factor is part of our consulting approach,” Will says.

“For clients, I transform complex business problems into actionable, data-driven insights and craft narratives that assist them to resolve challenges or enhance service delivery.

“This also includes aiding clients in recognising and harnessing the intrinsic value of their data.

“Within the Notitia team, I’m dedicated to fostering skill development, guiding them in innovative problem-solving methods for client projects.”

Will has worked with Notitia's awesome clients, most recently leading a project to enable our client Fyna Food to modernise their technology stack.

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Tell us more about your work background - from neuroscience to data science

“My journey from neuroscience to consulting began with my PhD in computational neuroimaging at King’s College London,” Will says.

This experience allowed him to develop strong statistical and programming skills.

“Following my PhD, I spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher, where I developed a keen interest in data storytelling and enjoyed tackling complex datasets,” he says.

Will’s passion steered him towards data science, marking the start of his career transition with the Analytics & AI team at PwC Australia.

“At PwC Australia, I thrived on the diversity of projects across various sectors such as FMCG, Health & Wellbeing, and Financial Crime,” Will says.

“This unique blend of commercial acumen and data-led insight has allowed me to guide our clients in discovering hidden value and growth opportunities within their businesses.”

What is the key to a successful data analytics project?

Bringing a project to life hinges on two critical aspects, according to Will.

“First, a deep understanding of the client's needs and the overarching challenges within their business is crucial,” he says.

“This ensures that the solutions we provide have a tangible, meaningful impact.

Second, the significance of our people cannot be overstated, Will says.

“Recognising and valuing the team members who execute these projects is fundamental to ensuring successful outcomes,” he says.

“Their expertise, dedication, and insights are the bedrock of our ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients.”

How do you approach your work as a data analyst?

Some pivotal lessons I've learnt include the importance of inquiry and understanding, Will says.

“Never hesitate to ask numerous questions, as this deepens your grasp of the business problem and project requirements, enabling you to effectively define the scope and challenge assumptions when needed,” he says.

“Equally crucial is fostering confidence among team members to identify risks and question assumptions that seem off-base.

“Creating a culture of mutual learning and support not only enhances our collective expertise but also positions us more effectively to tackle the most intricate challenges our clients present.”

What do you enjoy most about working with clients in data analytics?

Will says that the diverse range of client projects and challenges, along with the dynamic pace of consulting, keeps his work engaging and intellectually stimulating.

“At Notitia, I have the unique opportunity to blend my consulting expertise with my extensive data analytics background,” he says.

“This combination of core skills enables me to comprehensively understand and address the variety of challenges our clients face.”

Will says that data analytics provides an ongoing opportunity for learning and expanding his expertise.

“This field consistently offers fresh knowledge and keeps me aligned with evolving industry trends, making every day a new learning experience,” he says.

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