Custom built portal to drive data-driven decisions + improve client experience



A Victorian-based health not-for-profit, primarily funded by the State Government, to provide community support, provide health promotion and improve and advocate for the wellbeing of their members.


Not-For-Profit Community Organisation, Health Promotion


• Design
• Web Developement
• Technical Training


• Our client wanted to build upon the service they were already providing to their 1,000+ clients across Victoria.

• An outdated “on paper” information system, could be transformed through Notitia’s tailored approach, and data, design and development services.

• Our client didn’t know what the solution would look like, or how it could be implemented for maximum efficiency, scalability, and cloud security, whilst providing a robust platform for future long term development. 


A custom built Azure-based web portal that quickly and accurately captures our client’s data


• The bespoke Web portal, securely hosted on Microsoft Azure in Australia, along with technical training, has given our client the opportunity to extract data-driven insights and make informed decisions.

• Stakeholder interactions can now be captured and immediately traceable, which would result in better client experiences and holistic health advocacy. Ability to produce reports for government and health stakeholders.

• Opportunity to cut down on manual handling time across the organisation, reducing human cost and maximising data quality.


Our client had embarked on a journey to transform their ways of working via the use of data and modern cloud technology.  

This included establishing a data-driven approach to capture the information received through multiple contact points for their 1000+ clients and other critical stakeholders.

Our client approached Notitia to help improve their data capture method, along with data quality and management; and optimisation of data use throughout their organisation.


The Process

Leveraging our skill set in data strategy, analytics, design and web development, we worked closely with our client to find a solution that would meet their needs.


Our client and Notitia Managing Director Alex, worked to abstractly capture the business problem, the client journey and touchpoints with stakeholders. This formed the strategy that would underpin the investigative process.Notitia and our client decided not to use an off-the-shelf product (such as Salesforce) in this instance, due to cost, complexity of the system, time to develop and the level of bespoke customisation required.

[Digital Design Process]

Notitia’s digital design team took our client through an iterative design process to workshop scenarios. 

This involved mapping out the visual process of data collection, management and analytics, and visualising the solutions - using a number of scenarios based on the different user experiences and requirements.

Bringing the design process early on in the “investigative phase” allowed our client to see a visual representation of the user interface, the way data was captured and the resulting analytics. Our client was able to then understand how this interplayed with the everyday tasks of their team, along with their long-term goals.

[Web development]

Our web developers created the product, working closely with the design team and our client.

[Technical Training + Processes]

Training was provided to our client’s team to assist them in using the technology and implement their internal processes.

The Solution

Bespoke Portal + Qlik Sense App

• Our client’s bespoke portal, the front end of their wCRM (web-based data entry tool) collects data which is entered by their team via the portal, and feeds into Qlik Sense SaaS for analysis and reporting. 

• Data is modelled and updated in Qlik, leveraging Qlik’s Associate Engine (and freeform exploration of data. Our client’s team were then enabled, through hands-on technical training, delivered by Notitia, to create their own visualisations and report on their data.

• The portal was designed via a UX UI process, with collaboration and both iterative and interactive feedback from our client. We leveraged Figma to rapidly prototype the web portal; whilst collaborating virtually through Miro. This minimised unnecessary development, as our client could see the product before it was built. In addition, this approach ensured that correct data was captured and analysed - with the necessary view restrictions in place to protect the privacy of their clients.

• To support implementation and use of the technology, Notitia also deployed and configured Qlik Sense SaaS Qlik Sense App training along with a process handover. 

The Results

Our client now can use their custom built portal to quickly and accurately capture their data, allowing the organisation and their people to extract data-driven insights, make informed decisions and reduce manual handling time across the business.

The custom portal allows for stakeholder interactions to be captured and immediately traceable, resulting in better client experiences and holistic health advocacy.

It also has the ability to produce reports for government and health and funding stakeholders and promote the significant impact they have on the community.