Monash IVF: Data drives Monash IVF transformation

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Monash IVF


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• Volume of unconnected data from disparate systems
• Unable to achieve holistic, vigorously audited or accurately reported outcomes
• Threatened compliance with highly regulated industry criteria


Qlik Sense data analytics platform replaced older, untrustworthy data warehouse project


• Decision making now more closely aligned with business strategy
• Successful identification of optimal new sites for clinic expansion
• Measured 10% reduction in effective marketing campaign costs


Part of Monash IVF’s expansion progress has included acquiring several different small IVF providers. This meant the organisation was absorbing many disparate reporting systems. The technical challenge was the volume of data produced through a complexity of systems, many of which did not talk to each other. The resultant inconsistencies were making it difficult to get holistic, vigorously audited or accurately reported outcomes.


Our Approach

Notitia consolidated the data from Monash IVF's disparate reporting systems into a singular hub. This was achieved via the smooth deployment of the Qlik solution, gathering evidence-based science to track patients across their diverse systems. This was critical in understanding all the touch points in the process of creating a human life.

The Outcome

The outcome Notitia provided was a singular source of truth that provided a holistic view. Notitia achieved Monash IVF's two strategic objectives. First, to simplify how the data was captured, handled and integrated before moving data from where it naturally lived in the IT function into the business operation. Second, to gain additional insight from a marketing perspective.