How Qlik can help

Global company Qlik offers technology and tools to help businesses and organisations to “integrate, transform, analyse and act on data”.

Qlik’s offerings include: Qlik Cloud Platform, Qlik Sense, Qlik AutoML, QlikView, Qlik Replicate, Qlik Compose for Dake Lakes, Qlik Compose for Data Warehouse, Qlik Enterprise Manager

Notitia and Qlik

Notitia’s collaborations with Qlik as our technology partner have included:

* Leveraging Qlik Cloud analytics and Qlik Sense for valuable insights and data driven business culture.

* Qlik SaaS cloud migrations: transferring legacy environments (applications and streams) from on-premise to cloud.

* Creating visualisations and dashboards using Qlik.

* Using Qlik products to set up data lakes and warehouses, automating data sets and pipelines - for reliable insights.

* Providing Qlik developer training to internal teams

Working with Qlik: Client examples

Monash IVF Group

Qlik | Qlik Sense SaaS | Healthcare

* Monash IVF Group needed to consolidate their data from disparate clinical and operational systems, into a centralised single hub.

* Notitia implemented Qlik Sense SaaS data analytics platform, set-up automated reporting and dashboards.

* Notitia’s expert services ensured that the cloud migration project was executed quickly, securely and seamlessly, saving time and resources and providing external validation over the environment.

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Gippsland Health Alliance (GHA)

Qlik | Qlik Sense SaaS | Regional Healthcare | Primary Health Networks

* GHA, a publicly- funded shared technology service, needed to expand its data service to their 17 regional health sites and hospitals, switching from an on-premise datacentre to cloud.

* Notitia implemented the cloud migration project, which involved the transfer of 500 Qlik Sense SaaS applications, along with creating dashboards, adding data into the cloud, implementing security parameters + testing functionality.

* Notitia ensured the project was executed securely, quickly + seamlessly - saving GHA time, resources and providing external validation over the environment.

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Fyna Foods

Qlik | Qlik Sense SaaS | Manufacturing | Fast Moving Consumer Goods

* Fyna Foods migrated to the Qlik Sense SaaS solution, with Notitia providing the end-to-end strategic and technical support to securely, quickly and seamlessly implement the migration.

* Notita provided a “CIO as a Service” function in support of a migration of all operational systems to the cloud, updating processes and solutions to support the refresh of systems.

* Their team continue to use Notitia’s “Analytics as a Managed Service” to access Notitia’s expert data analysts + internal support for reliable insights, training, data visualisations + improvements to dashboards.

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Outcome Health

Qlik | Qlik Sense SaaS | Qlik Licensing | Regional Healthcare | Primary Health Networks

* Notitia Supported Outcome Health in the ongoing development of the Qlik Sense based embedded reporting solution for their POLAR solution, which provides data and analytics to 5000 users across 1500 general practices across Australia. 

* Mainly used by Primary Health Networks (PHNs), POLAR has allowed Outcome Health to transform + present data to support better patient health outcomes.

* Notitia also assisted Outcome Health in providing Qlik licences, support + and ongoing training.

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Notitia’s amazing clients who’ve worked with Qlik

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