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Data, tech & IT managed services provider: adding a data analytics consultant to your team

Notitia's Analytics as a managed service is a cost-effective way to access our Melbourne and Adelaide based experts for data analytics activities that will drive business growth and improve decision-making.

April 9, 2024

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IT Managed Services Provider, Data Analytics Consultant

Notitia's Analytics as a managed service, or IT managed services, is a cost-effective way to access industry experts for data analytics activities that will drive business growth and improve decision-making.

What is "analytics as a managed service" (IT managed services)?

When we provide analytics as a managed service to our clients, its reliable access to our people for data analytics services "on-demand" via a direct line - phone call, email, virtually across Australia or in person in Melbourne and Adelaide (we will never use a lodge-a-ticket process).

Our analytics services are wide-ranging, it includes managing data, technology and analytics activities on behalf of a organisation or business.

It's a service model which allows you to leverage advanced analytics capabilities, without having to build and maintain processes, tools and infrastructure or employ specialised talent in-house.

Data and analytics services:

  • Solution architecture
  • Data lakes & data warehouses
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Data science development & deployment at scale
  • Geoanalytics and geovisualisation
  • Data quality & cleansing
  • Data pipelines & engineering
  • Data perturbation & obfuscation
  • Self-service dashboards
  • Automated reporting
  • Push/alert capability
  • Cloud migration
  • Developer training
  • End-user training

How "analytics as a managed service" or IT managed services can value to your business

  • Clients love that analytics as a managed service is a cost effective way to extend their team, support BAU activities or add resourcing during projects and busy times.
  • Our clients say that our people, become their people. We work alongside your team (and will fit right in - check out our awesome culture here)
  • We hire inquisitive minds, who thrive on understanding the ins and outs of your industry, business, goals, challenges and strategy.
  • Investment in our people, means that we earn expert status by staying ahead of technology, tools and processes.
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Key features of using analytics/ IT managed services:
  1. Data Management: Collecting, storing, cleaning, and integrating data from various sources. This often involves setting up data pipelines, data warehouses, or data lakes to ensure data quality and accessibility.
  2. Analytics Tools and Platforms: Being a managed service providers, we provide you with access to analytics tools and platforms that enable data analysis, visualisation, and automated reporting. These tools may include business intelligence (BI) software, statistical analysis tools and machine learning platforms.
  3. Advanced Analytics: Expertise in advanced analytics techniques such as predictive modeling, machine learning, and data mining. They can apply these techniques to extract insights, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions.
  4. Scalability: One of the benefits of using a managed service is scalability. You scale up or down resources and capabilities based on needs and workload fluctuations.
  5. Expertise and Support: When you work with Notitia you access a team of skilled analysts, data scientists and engineers who have expertise in strategy, analytics, data management and project management.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness: Outsourcing analytics activities to Notitia reduces the costs associated with building, maintaining and training your own analytics team.
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