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Data Literacy for future growth
85% of executives believe data literacy will become as vital in the future as the ability to use a computer is today. It means more data-driven decisions, competitive advantages + growth + increased stakeholder trust
Invest in your people
Only 11% of employees are fully confident in their ability to read, analyse, work with and communicate with data. Investing in data literacy will ensure that your people are empowered to take ownership of your data governance framework to improve data quality
Mitigate risk
21 % of employees think their employers are preparing them for a data-oriented workplace. Training your workforce in data literacy reduces human error + compliance risk. Your people will know the importance of data and how to effectively use it as a business tool
Testimonials Our Clients
“ Notitia has provided the training for my people to capture the right data, understand it and use it effectively when we need to communicate to our stakeholders and extract it for our reporting. ”
“ For our business, data literacy training is ongoing. I don’t see there being a time where it’s not considered a BAU activity as it is critical for us to be able to use data correctly and to make data-driven decisions. ” 

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How we implement Data Literacy in your business


Step by step walkthrough of what we do. Notitia can help you to implement a data literacy framework in your business, tailored to your people and business needs.

We build data literacy skills at various levels across organisations, to enable better data-driven decision making. Book a data strategy call today.

How to create a data literacy framework


Sponsor of the Data Literacy Program


Identify different roles associated with data within your business: Data Consumers, Data Creators, Power Users of BI/End-User tools


Define the “current capability” vs “future capability” for each role


Data Literacy Program Sponsor to determine the education required (including timing and priority) to close the data literacy gap from “current capability” to “future capability”

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