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What we do:
Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Our clients trust us to guide them through the vendor selection process, using our expert knowledge of the data industry, leveraging our relationships and understanding of client needs across all industries and sectors.

Our vendor evaluation and selection experts then use our industry knowledge, insights and established relationships, to match you with the exact vendor fit. Or, if you want a vendor comparison, with pros and cons according to your needs, we do that too.

Notitia’s expertise means that you will be matched with the best vendor to achieve your data strategy and business goals.


Needs Assessment

We first understand your data strategy (we can help you develop this too). This includes your business requirements, goals, timeline and budget. We also pressure-test the recommended solution (tools + technology) by examining data-related challenges or opportunities.


Vendor Landscape Analysis

Based on your needs, and using our expert industry knowledge, we identify potential vendor offerings, products, services, or solutions aligned with your requirements. It involves market research, evaluating vendor pros/cons or strengths/weaknesses.


Vendor Evaluation Criteria

We assess each vendor's technical capabilities, scalability, data security measures, pricing models, support services, and their ability to align with your long-term data strategy. We can provide you with our recommendation or give you a comparison list.


Contract Negotiation and Agreement

When we’ve narrowed it down to a small number or the vendor is selected, we negotiate contract terms and pricing on behalf of our clients. This ensures that your interests are represented in agreement with the chosen vendor.


Implementation Support

Beyond vendor selection, we also provide support during the implementation phase. We work with our clients and the vendor to ensure a smooth transition, integration with existing processes and systems, project management, data quality and governance.

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