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Data Quality and

Greater access to accurate and reliable data
Implement clear roles and responsibilities, processes to quickly and accurately capture your business data and ensure data quality
Eliminate time and
data management costs
Save business time, resources spent on manual and non-value adding tasks
Stronger regulatory compliance + cybersecurity protection + lowered risk of data breaches
Mitigate data privacy and security risk by eliminating human error + non-compliance.
Testimonials Our Clients
“ Notitia has helped us with our data governance and data quality to produce data that we now use for detailed reporting, analysis and informed decisions. ”
“ Working with Notitia on our data governance and data quality has given me trust in our data and the confidence to use it. We now have a data-driven approach to our decision making which has boosted our results throughout the business. ” 
“ Getting our data governance on track, I’m now confident that the business is using data correctly in line with data security and our privacy compliance obligations. ” 

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Data Governance

Strong Data Governance = Strong Data Quality.
Data ownership protocols help organisations and businesses to ensure that the right people capture and use accurate and trustworthy data to make data-driven decisions.

To get the maximum value from your business data it is critical to have a data governance framework in place that is tailored to your business needs.

Poorly managed data puts your business at risk of non-compliance, misuse and mis-interpretation of data, privacy breaches and cybersecurity theft. When data is not handled correctly, your business data is wasted and it costs more to extract useful information from your data.

We build feedback loops and quality assurance processes to improve governance over your business data. We work out who owns controls and accesses data.

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